✅ Multicoin Capital on EOS

An analysis worth reading

Today’s post is going to be short—I’m up in Boston right now for Blockchain Week and my schedule is jam-packed with meetings and events with early-stage founders, engineers, investors, and other folks in the space. If you’re here and would like to meet up, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Today Multicoin Capital finally published their analysis and valuation of EOS. I’m excited to read it and wanted to flag it for everyone—Kyle, Tushar and Myles are some of the most thoughtful investors we have in the space, and it’s clear they’ve thought a lot about how EOS fits into the broader landscape of crypto as a platform-grade censorship resistant smart contract platform that prioritizes high throughput, speed, and finality.

Here is the link to the analysis: https://multicoin.capital/2018/04/24/eos-analysis-and-valuation/

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