📌 This is Provably Neutral

Welcome to Provably Neutral, which is a crypto blog/newsletter that I’m starting today. This post will explain what PN is as well as some of my motivations for starting a blog.

But first, let me tell you a bit about myself:

My name is Spencer Noon and I’m an investor at DTC Capital.

📖 Here’s my background.

  • I became absolutely obsessed with Bitcoin in 2013 as an investment research analyst at UBS. Our group managed billions of dollars in assets, but our portfolio managers scoffed at the idea of cryptocurrencies.

  • And so I left in 2014 to start a Bitcoin ATM startup called BTCity. It was actually the Wild West back then. Unfortunately, we were forced to shut it down due to the uncertainty and other problems related to the BitLicense. The New York crypto scene still hasn’t fully recovered.

  • After seriously considering an offer to join Circle in Boston, I opted to stay closer to home and joined SeatGeek, the world’s fastest growing ticket company. I was their first biz dev/strategy team hire. There, I learned more about strategy, operations, and product development than I could have possibly imagined.

  • Which brings me to today. In January, I founded DTC Capital, a stage-agnostic and long-term focused crypto fund.

🗯 The tl;dr on the blog is this.

PN is a blog about my life as a crypto investor and inspired by Fred Wilson’s AVC blog. I will be writing short posts, sharing interesting things I come across, and occasionally venturing completely off-topic, just like Fred.

I’m not sure it will be valuable, though if nothing else, you will get a close-up look into the life of someone who is out-of-this-world passionate about decentralized networks.

I am also happy to be transparent about my reasons for starting this blog. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. To develop my ideas about decentralized networks & investing

  2. To connect with founders, investors, influencers, and other thoughtful people in the blockchain space

  3. To practice writing clearly and concisely on a daily basis

✅ Finally, the name.

I titled the blog Provably Neutral because that is quite literally what I strive to be as an investor. It can be hard - the blockchain industry increasingly feels like an echo chamber these days, driven by a handful of influencers and group think, but I’m trying my best to find my own voice in a crowded space.

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