🇰🇷 Vitalik @ Deconomy

Last week, many of the most prominent minds in crypto assembled at the Deconomy 2018 conference in Seoul. If you were following along on social media like I was, you probably saw that Vitalik called Craight Wright a fraud—which was straight up hilarious 😂.

But Vitalik also gave a presentation during the conference entitled “Blockchains and Tradeoffs” (which wasn’t completely Ethereum-focused) that is absolutely worth watching if you have 25 minutes.

He talks about everyone’s favorite topic (performance), first exploring how slow blockchains are today (spoiler: ETH components are literally 1,000,000x slower than centralized services) before talking about various scaling solutions—all with different tradeoffs—that might be leveraged in the future.

Most importantly, Vitalik resets why we’re even trying to use blockchains in the first place (I find we often forget this, it’s not just about porting over the internet as we know it today). He methodically lays out the properties that blockchains optimize for (e.g. transparency, censorship resistance) and then he paints a picture of a multi-scaling solution future that makes a lot of sense to me.

Check out the presentation if you have some time (I’ve posted it below) and feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you have any feedback or thoughts!

Part 1
Part 2